University Mentorship Program

Make your first
year matter.

ThriveHere connects you with inspiring peers & supportive mentors, so that you can have the best possible transition into university.


First year is hard. Let's take it on together.

Our goal at ThriveHere is to make your first year at university as fulfilling as possible.

Through community, mentorship, mindset, and tangible skill development, we ensure that individuals, regardless of their background, successfully transition into post-secondary education. 



Join our family. Bond with100 other students entering Western University and 20 amazing upper-year leaders. Walk away with friends that will last a lifetime, and mentors who will stick with you throughout University.



Build the skills, competencies, and mindset you need to succeed. Three days of personal development ensure you're ready to lead, both on campus and beyond.



Get set up for success. Learn from the mistakes we made, discover opportunities on campus, receive on-going support, and get comfortable in your new home.



How does it work?

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Aqeel Anas, 2nd Year

Mentorship has been such a pivotal part of my life, and it continues to help me grow every day. In high school, and in university, mentorship has been one of the greatest keys to my success as a student; not only in school, but outside the classroom as well. It has provided me with countless opportunities, and has introduced me to some of the most vibrant and interesting people I have ever met.

Being able to receive support and encouragement from friends and mentors who want me to succeed allows me to tread the waters outside my comfort zone, and expand my horizons.


Want to join the ThriveHere family?

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