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Ryan Threndyle, 3rd Year

When I first heard the word mentorship I thought it was all about giving. Giving up time, effort, advice, comfort, and much more to whoever needed it. But what I wasn't told was just how much I would get back. Being a mentor has taught me so much about who I am as a person, how people often underestimate their own incredible capabilities, and just how much love there is out there in this world.

Mentorship to me is simply people caring for people in the most genuine way possible, and in doing so creating connections that last a lifetime.

Monica Sadik, 2nd Year

As many university students know, first year can be a total shock, and if you don’t have a support group it can be really hard to push through. Transition programs on campus gave me the opportunity to build an entire support group that I lean on to this day.

My mentors gave me confidence in that, regardless of my failures or successes, I had people to push me up and push me forward.

Aqeel Anas, 2nd Year

Mentorship has been such a pivotal part of my life, and it continues to help me grow every day. In high school, and in university, mentorship has been one of the greatest keys to my success as a student; not only in school, but outside the classroom as well. It has provided me with countless opportunities, and has introduced me to some of the most vibrant and interesting people I have ever met.

Being able to receive support and encouragement from friends and mentors who want me to succeed allows me to tread the waters outside my comfort zone, and expand my horizons.

Adam Merlo, 4th Year

Had you asked me if I thought I’d be involved with any leadership opportunity 3 years ago, I would have laughed in all honesty. Mainly, because I didn’t think I had the confidence or charisma to be a leader. But if I learnt anything from being involved with a leadership initiative, it’s that it’s not necessary to be influential and charismatic. Rather, it’s important to be yourself, and learn how to become aware of your own unique traits, strengths, and emotions.

This self-awareness was something that became powerful beyond measure for me, and I discovered that leadership, rather than being one specific ideal, is limitless.